is a zombies map unlocked by finishing the campaign
  • it is a cemetary with hords of the undead
  • it has the smallest of rooms with 2 and 3 open areas

front gates

the front gates are the starting area with two holes in the gate boarded up and a hole in the ground

  • it has only one way and that is to the main graves
  • quick revive is located here

main graves

this is by far the biggest open area as it is nothing but zombie spawns and coffins

  • it is open to all areas


are 6 closed collisems that have big holes to were zombies can break through

  • if u look into the window u will see they all go down deeper into the ground down a stairway which explains why so many zombies come out

opened collisum

is a big room were coffins are empty and the random box is located here

groundskeepers shed

  • this has no zombie entrys
  • it holds pack a punch and all of the other perk a cola machines except quick revive
  • remains of a person can be thought as whats left of the groundskeeper
  • it has two entrys but can be a pain to navigate


  • in the main graves area u dont board up the grave spawns but u do a digging animation filling the graves back up
  • Alptraum is germen for nightmare
  • this is the smallest zombies map to date with only a total of 4 areas
  • this is the only map were the perk-a-cola machines and pack-a-punch machine is in the same room
  • the number of zombies in the map at once(originaly 24) has doubled to 48
  • the way this map designed is to give a very hard challange of survival
  • while only in front gates only 19 zombies can spawn but when main graves is open it goes to 29 and when the collisum area is opened it goes to 48
  • there is a nuke-o-matic machine in this map but it costs 6000 to buy a nuke
  • there is a amm-o-matic also but it costs 3000 to buy a max ammo
  • the nuke-o-matic is here because it can be very tough to kill the zombies on the high rounds because there health more then triples there health by round 30
  • there is a bigger chance of getting a wonder weapon here because most regular guns arnt strong enough to take out the zombies by round 13
  • pack-a-punch costs only 2000 because by round 20 un pack-a-punched wonder weapons take 3 hits to kill including the thunder gun but pack a punched wonder weapons last for every round cause after zombies health triples they stop gaining health
  • random box only costs 400 to buy here