hellhounds are dog zombies that spawn every 5-6 rounds

they appear in shino nu numa,der riese and kino der toten

Hellhounds are the children of German Scientist ludwig maxis Daughter, Samantha, whos dog Fluffy was being tested by maxis and rictophen in the tellaporter, the Tellaporter had wrong Effects, and the dog was Zombiefied. creating the First Helllhound and samantha came into her fathers lab and saw what he had done paniced.she then ran to the dog followed by maxis. then richtophen locked the door to the teleporter and the newly created hellhound killed them. unknown to them the dog was pregent and gave birth to Zombyifed Pups, who then, became Hellhounds. Hellhounds spawn out of a Lightning Strike, chasing after the player on fire, when killed, they blow up into a small burst of flame and the last one leaves a max ammo behind when killed. they are not attracted to monkey bombs.