The Laboratory is a Zombie's Map that is featured after Campaign is finished. It is the newest Zombie Map yet and is quite small. It has 5 Rooms and 1 Outside Area and also features a new Perk called Energy Cola.


The Lab is the starting room that Professor Vaulen and the team Spawn. It has 3 Counters and a Desk by the Exit. It has 3 Zombie Barriers and a Trap next to the Exit. The AK47 and the Olympia can be bought here.


The Hallway is a narrow room with 4 Zombie barriers across the walls from eachother. There is also a Large Hole in the ceiling where 3 Zombies can jump down at the same time. There are 2 Exits and 2 Traps. The M16 and Duel Wield CZ75 can be bought here. The Speed Cola is located here too.

Professor Vaulens OfficeEdit

This room is quite cramped and very small. It is not advised to stay in this room at all as zombies can spawn from the Hallway and Attack.It has one Exit. This Room has only 1 Zombie Barrier and no Traps. The M14 can be bought here.The PhD Flopper and Quick Revive is located here.

Entrance RoomEdit

This Room is medium sized and has many Zombie Barriers making it very hard to defend. It has 5 Zombie Barriers and a hole in the Ceiling where zombies can crawl up and get into Room from. This Room has 1 Exit and 2 Traps. The Power is also located here. The Mystery Box is located here. The PPsH and the Commando can be bought here.


The Gate is the entry into the Lab and is quite Medium sized. It has 3 Zombie Barriers and 1 Exit. The Mystery Box is located here too. There and Perks here and only 1 Trap. There is also a Teleporter which will send the player back to the Lab.


  • This Map was going to be called Lab Nightmare
  • There are no Wonder Weapons or Pack-a-punch machines on this map making it harder
  • There are only 3 Players but there can be 4 Players by entering a cheat by the console command
  • It is very hard to survive on this map so it is not recommended for new players.
  • This Maps takes place in the Campaign Map Rocket in the Original Lab.