Marcus Burns was an Ex-Helicopter Pilot that got disbanned due to "Acidently" Flying a Chopper's 50. Cal side turret into the Commanders face. He looked for another job untill the Zombie Outbreak, he then met Professor Vaulen, finding his new job as an Assistant to his work. He has Brown hair and Green eyes and is 26. His favorite weapon is His Silver M1911 And He is a an expert driver of any vechical.

Marcus Burns
Nickname(s) Mark
Appears in Call of duty RP
Affiliations Former UH60L Blackhawk Pilot
Status Alive
Birth 1958
Death Unknown
Weapon Any weapon at his disposal, M1911, G36
Voice Actor TheSunsword


415px-Nickel M1911 Reload MW-1-

Marcus reloading his M1911