Micheal Goondah's infamous AUG

Model 3561 big

.357 Magnum Used by Micheal Goondah with a few Modifications

Micheal Goondah is a former CIA Operative he was removed due to mental issues, and a couple of bullets shot into the governor of floridas foot. He now lives in south-western Germany in a village that has been torn apart by the zombies, he stole multiple weapons and explosives when his service was terminated and kept them in a small nucular bunker under his house. Living mainly off of small animals he can hunt, Micheal Goondah is a hardcore Operative who is determined to live, and is a very skilled explosive worker who will stop at nothing to make sure the zombies die from any thing explosive. He once made a Fusion Bomb out of a grenade a knife and some spare fusion tubes. He also has a Modified .357 Magnum that has a Red laser that comes from the tip it is in mint condition and is over 50 years old.
Micheal Goondah
Appears in Call of duty RP
Rank CIA Operative
Birth 1950
Death Unknown
Weapon AUG, .357 Magnum