Professor Vaulen is a Chaotic Scientist who used to work for NASA on developing Space Warfare and New Elements so that the US Government could compete against the Soviet Union. However, in 1972 he quit and escaped the Facility in the Kennedy Space Center and met 3 other Men, Tony Nick., Zachary west and Marcus Burns. Together they made their to a Rocket near the Launch Pad. Hijacking a Helicopter on the roof of the Building. They flew all the way to top of the Rocket and killed the Engineers there and got into the Rocket makingtheir Escape. Then after A Zombie Was released on board as they make their way to Mars they must fight while they try to make they're way back to Earth.

Professor Vaulen
Nickname(s) Mister "Evil"
Rank Professor
Affiliations NASA
Status Alive
Birth 1942
Weapon AK74u, M16, CZ75
Voice Actor Ray davidson