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The Rocket that the Team hijacked

Rocket is a Map that appears during Professor Vaulen's escape with Tony Nick, Zach West and Marcus Burns. They hope to reach Mars and escape the grasp of NASA and the CIA who are chasing them. On there way to Mars there is a miscalculation which completely throws them behind Mars and then off to the Asteroid Belt thinking that they had failed. But Vaulen found there was an Escape Pod on the Rocket and used it shoot away and back to Earth. On their way to returning they find out that NASA deployed a Ship to search for them. But Vaulen had installed Space Valkyries on the Pod and fired them at the Ship completely destroying it. Then they found out they were even more Ships sent out about 1 or 2 More perhaps. They were forced to Land at Mars where they build a Base and hide there until the US Government gave up the search for them.