Is a Map were Zachary West and three unamed soldiers fought to defend the vVlliage from Zombies.

It features New wall trap called The Smasher.

There are 4 rooms and big open spaces

starting room

The starting room has 3 barriers and a hole in the ceiling.

It is an abandoned house.

It has two exits.

One of the Wolf statues are here. (Activates Song)

the courtyard

Is a big open space with a well in the middle.

Itis the main area and the center of the Map.

Zombies will climb out of the well and out of holes in the ground.

It has main access to all areas ecsept the graveyard and the kitchen.


The Temple is a big square building with a statue of the villiage leader.

It has two levels one is the entrence and one is acessed by a ladder.

It has 6 windows. One of the wolf statues are here (Activates Song)

mess hall

This is were the Villiagers went to eat.

It has five tables.

It is the biggest room.


It is a small room with one smasher and fire trap.

It holds the Power Switch.

zachary wests house

Is a small house with a couch and table.


It is a big open area acessed by the temple and

has the most spaces with zombies coming out

with 10 spaces.

8 of the spaces are 8 of the 15 graves

and the rest are broken spaces in the gates.

there is a wolf statue on one of the graves (Activates Song)


This map is not a good map to circle in because of the design.

This map has no Perk-A-Cola machines or Pack-A-Punch making it harder.

This map pack is a secret map only acessed after finishing the campaign

You can see more buildings all around the map and doors in the map leading to them but they are locked

There are radios of someone named Jason Deal around the map telling the backstory of the map and zachary west.

The Zombies here are unique to this map as it has the dead from the villiage there are 3 wolf statues activating them all will play the song,


The villiage

the background of the front of the villiage