Name: Zack West

Zack was the protector of his villiage 'till it got over ran by zombies and from that day on he swore world of zombies. Then he was captured by the CIA and was counted as a freak. He escaped with Professor Vaulen Marcus Burns and Tony Nick.

Before that he was an inventor making weird toys and gizmos. He also has speical powers that give him the attributes of a wolf.

Likes and Dislikes:

  • Favorite Primary Weapon in Zombies: Hk21
  • Favorite Secondary Weapon in Zombies: Raygun
  • Favorite Perk-a-cola: Juggernog
  • Favorite Perk-a-cola Jingle: Deadshot Daquiri
  • Favorite Zombies Map: Call of the Dead
  • Least Favorite: Dead Ops Arcade
  • Favorite Type of Zombie: Hellhounds(cause they remind me of wolves)
  • Favorite Teamate: Hard to tell....... they are all a lil nuts

Wolf attributes

  1. Strength
  2. Anger
  3. Agility

Random Facts:

He has Brown Hair and Blue Eyes, a lil bit of hair on ears and semi sharp teeth Age:14

Can touch his ear with his foot, has a very soft spot for wolves, can tear your fucking guts out if he is pissed, growls when he is starting to get angry and howls when he is happy.

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